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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Selling Junk Online

I'm a big fan of buying stuff on ebay.  I've gotten some good deals there.  But, when I checked their fees, I wasn't too impressed with the idea of trying to sell stuff there.  So, I googled "ebay competitors" and after checking all the results out, I found one that I liked.   It's at and it is free to list your items there.  The format is very similar to ebay, and you can receive payments via paypal.  I'm just getting started, so I have no idea how you get your money from paypal.  I'm not worried though, whatever I get in paypal credit will just go towards whatever I buy.

My very first item is listed here:  
I found two brand new video cards in a dumpster near my work.  They were both still in their original boxes with the driver CD and all.  Like a dummy, I pitched the boxes thinking that I was just going to scrap the cards out anyway, but I did save the driver disks.   If I had saved the boxes, I could have listed the items as "new" on webstore.  They are both new and were wrapped in static bags, but you can't list them as new without the original packaging.

Of course, I have sold many items on craigslist also, but it can be a pain meeting people to close the deal.  I almost wish there were Craigslist stores.  So, when you list something you just drop it off at the store when its convenient.  Then the person goes to the store to pick it up and pay.  I guess the store would have to charge a commission though ... and then the tax-man would want a cut ... ah, never mind.

Anyways, I see a lot of potential in this webstore site.  The market place is international there, and with corresponding variety of products always available ... and a lot more people looking at your products.  Ebay is still huge compared to some of these other sites, but sellers can sometimes build their reputations and customer base up on ebay, and then move to webstore for their repeat customers.

No matter what venue you choose, selling stuff online is definitely something that anyone can do. Just start with your junk/dumpster diving finds, and let your imagination take you from there.

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