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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are you planting gardens or orchards?

Gardens are great, but they require constant effort to get anything out of them.  Then, every year you have to start over, cultivating, planting, fertilizing, and weeding.  Having a garden is a little like having a job.  There is a steady requirement for work, as well as a steady supply things you need, assuming all goes well.

Orchards are much different in terms of when you work, how you work, and when you are rewarded for that work.  Orchards require most of the effort upfront, planting all the vines or trees.   Then you are stuck pruning and watering for years before anything gets big enough to produce fruit.   I like to think of an orchard as a small business.  You can put tons of work into it and never really know if you are building up something that will reward you in the future.  Still, orchards can produce fruit years into the future with little or no additional effort on your part.

Unfortunately, we like to eat everyday, and so we tend to spend most of our time in the garden, aka job.  That's fine, but hopefully you can find some time in the day to work on a business venture that will produce a benefit for yourself years into the future with little additional effort.

This site is dedicated to any ideas on how to make money.  Some of them, while not a job, still fall into the garden category, constant work for any reward.  The ideas I'm really interested in however, are ideas on how a regular person can work on an orchard like venture.  Not everyone can buy up 50 rental properties for cash and hire a management company to rent them out ... or invent an amazing machine that pays royalties for life.  What are ventures that anyone can do, that once they are set up and running, will make money without any additional effort?  Please comment below with your best ideas for us all to share.

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