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Melt gold and other metals in regular kitchen microwave -- get your Microwave Kiln Kit today!

You've probably heard how you shouldn't put metal into a microwave oven.  Well, you probably shouldn't, but if you do it with my "Microwave Kiln Kit," you can melt a few grams of almost any metal without issue.  The possibilities with this kit are endless, and here are some ideas to get you started:

1)  Make new jewelry from old family gold or silver items.
2)  Melt gold recovered from electronic scrap into bars that you can sell for big money.
3)  Melt silver coins into silver bars or jewelry.
4)  Make lead fishing weights or bullets from old tire weights (it's a prep-per thing).
5)  Make custom colored glass.
6)  Fire Ceramics.

Warning!!!  This is dangerous stuff!  I'm not selling a finished product here.  Watch the videos below to see how to prepare and operate your microwave kiln.  Please, please, please be very careful and ONLY work OUTSIDE with a microwave that you never ever want to use for food again!  I recommend getting a used 1000 Watt or better microwave off craigslist.  Get a cheap one because the microwave can catch on fire if you don't check it frequently during the heat cycle.

Here's what comes in the Microwave Kiln Kit:

1) Safety goggles
2) Graphite stir rod
3) Tongs
4) Melting flux (pre-mixed for precious metals)
5) Microwavable refractory insulation, 3 @ (6" x 6") and 1 @ (5" x 5").  These are 2" thick squares.
6) Graphite crucible ~2" tall x 1" OD

You will need a few items in addition to this kit depending on your application:

1) 1000 Watt microwave oven
2) Leather work gloves
3) Small metal items to melt
4) For glass, metal coloring salts, borax, and quartz sand
5) For firing ceramics, graphite powder or graphite cylinder
6) Molds for your molten metal
7) Fire extinguisher!!!

This kit may be used with other graphite products depending on you particular application:  crucible/cylinder/powder ... find these items easily on eBay:   Graphite Crucible

Here is how to prepare your Microwave Kiln Kit for first time use:

Click video above for cutout instructions.

Here is how to operate the Microwave Kiln Kit to melt gold recovered from electronic scrap:

Click video above for Microwave Kiln Demo.

Here is how to buy your Microwave Kiln Kit now!

Price: $49.95 + S/H

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