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Monday, April 4, 2011

A Crusty Golf Ball's Second Chance at Greatness

It all started with some errant shot on the golf course, and some poor golfer's ball ended up in the pond.  Well, really I can't say exactly, I wasn't there for that part ... maybe a squirrel stole the golf ball out of his bag and buried it along the stream.  No matter, this golf ball's destiny was not to be dug up by some archaeologist 10,000 years from now.  Nor was it to spend eternity there lost in the golf course's waters.  Nope, after only enough time to grow a few barnacles, it was washed out of the pond and down the stream with about 4000 of its buddies by a good ol' Texas gully washer ... a flood of epic proportions ... that we get every other year or so.

The mother load of deposited golf balls soon lay along a bend several hundred yards downstream.  Seeing so many, I wondered if they were worth anything.  Sure enough, people sell used golf balls on Craigslist all the time.  Some are worth up to a $1.00 each, but I planned to just use the crusty ones for my own driving practice.
If you can find a large quantity of golf balls, it is very easy to wash them up and sell on e-bay, craigstlist, or to a local dealer ( who will find you if you post on craigslist ).

Alas, it was also not the destiny of this one crusty golf ball to end up in the cow pasture behind my place.  The Texas Restaurant Association had much bigger plans for it.  They found my add on Craigslist and bought about 1000 balls from me for a whopping 10 cents each.  Then they sold them, ugly ones and all, for $20 each.  Wow, if only I could figure out how to get a markup like that?!?!

I could write more of the story, or just show the rest on video ... enjoy!
As you can see, our crusty golf ball was destined for a second life, and to make somebody $1000.

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