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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil:

But... But... Bu' I really loooveeeeee money!  I'm not evil ... muahhhaha, well ok, I'm a little bit evil, but not like ... central banker evil.

Ok, well, if I think about it, what I really love is "making" money.  I enjoy the money itself, but what I really love is making money.  The only thing I love more than making money is my sweetheart ... and the only thing I love more than her is making a bunch of money without having to work for it!

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I could see where some folks might think that is bad.  After all, people should make money the old fashioned way and earn it ... right?  Well here's my little insight on that ... people ain't gonna give you no money unless you've earned it.  The trick is to earn it (i.e. provide value to others) without having to exert much effort.  Simple example: you can dig a ditch with a shovel or you can dig a ditch with a backhoe.  It's the same ditch and it adds the same value (or not) to the same customer, but one way takes a lot of effort and the other not much.  And, the least effort method actually enables you to dig more ditches faster, creating more value for more people, and making more money for you for less effort.  See how that works?  Being lazy is actually a good thing!

Well, it is a special sort of lazy that works best.  Laziness is best accompanied with a love of "making" money which is in essence a love of creating value for others in the most efficient (least effort) way possible.  Creativity and imagination are your best tools for this sort of task.  This way of thinking is what drives invention.  Please don't say, "well, I'm no inventor" and stop reading here.  Everyone is an inventor!  Everyone has thought, "if only I had a such-n-such thingy that did this or that, this job would be a lot easier!"  Also, inventions include more than physical products, inventions are new processes as well as the adoption of a product or process for a new task.  Anything that helps produce a good or service in a more efficient way is an invention!  So, please repeat after me: "I am an inventor!"

OK, now that that is settled, let's go on about making a bunch of money without having to work very hard for it.  Now we need to talk about another facet of this topic, scale-ability.  The idea is to do the work once and have it benefit many people.  Suddenly, digging ditches doesn't seem like such a great career.  The guy who makes the big money is the guy who buys the swamp and pays someone else to dig the ditch to drain it, and then sells the dry land.  Environmentalists ... please don't hate me!  That was just an example.

The point is that the guy digging the ditch is only helping one person, the owner of the swamp.  The owner of the swamp has a bigger plan that will ultimately benefit many people when a neighborhood is built there.  Our world is ripe with opportunity to create value in a scale-able way!  Sometimes the processes involved are complex, and that is what we use our creativity and imagination tools for.  The goal is to find a path: the steps, the recipe, the combination of services and products that will create value for a large number of people.

Some careers are naturally scale-able   Content creation like writing, art, or computer application development are great examples.  You create the content once, and there is no limit to the number of people who can benefit from your content.  The possibilities are endless!  Another easy way to create value for others is to spot a revolutionary new idea that some genius came up with and then implement a niche for yourself to extend that person's idea towards some practical task.  You won't need genius skills to do this.  There are countless millionaires who don't have a clue about how to route data packets on the internet.  They just know how to sell the hell out of used golf balls online.  In a way, they are mooching off the genius skills of all the people who did invent the internet ... Al Gore was it?  It's all good; the goal is to create goods and services as efficiently as possible.  When you exploit the ideas and inventions of others, that actually adds value to their ideas too.  It is a win win situation for all!

There is a new revolutionary idea happening right now.  It is at least as big as the invention of "email".  It is so new that there is absolutely time for you to get in on the action.  People have already become millionaires with it.  There are both technical opportunities available as well as "down-to-earth" practical niches ripe for the picking.  If you want to make a bunch of money without having to work very hard, I implore you to learn everything you can about this new technology.  

BitScavenger: Android phone app
I personally started with $300 and have grown that into assets that are now worth over $20,000 in less than 2 years (with virtually no effort).  This is only the beginning.  I speak of Bitcoin.  Please google that term and know that there are Bitcoin scams and Bitcoin bonanzas ... read all.  Let the information percolate through your brain.  Follow Bitcoin writers on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.  Never believe a word anyone tells you, but pay attention to every detail of every word.  Become an expert and notice especially where people complain that they would like to be able to do "this or that" with their bitcoins.  Therein lies your opportunity.  Once you know this topic thoroughly, network and find others to swap ideas with.  Find people willing to act and find people who can do things, like programming, that perhaps you cannot do.  For a quick start to trading, please also check out my blog on the topic:

In closing, be optimistic that the world is full of ways to make huge amounts of money with relatively little effort.  The object is to scale your efforts such that many people benefit from your work.  All you have to do is take the time to notice what other people need and want, and think up creative ways to provide it for them.  Remember to focus on scale-ability of your effort, where you plant an orchard once to provide fruit for many people for years to come.


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