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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Appliance Repair Equals Easy Money

Craigslist abounds with people wanting to get rid of appliances that are broken.  Many of these can be had for $5, a song, or less.   I recommend that one focus on fairly new items so that they are easy to sell after they are working again.  Here is a quick video to show how easily a dryer can be repaired.  In this video, I'm replacing the heating element, but another common dryer repair, drive belt replacement, is even easier.

There are tons of good YouTube videos that cover common repairs for exact makes and models of appliances.  Usually, only common tools are required and so there isn't much investment required to do this as long as you have a way to transport large items.

Remember, even if the appliance is too broken to repair, it is still worth money as scrap metal.   Also, there may be parts that can be scavenged from some appliances and then used to repair others.  One could potentially strip broken appliances and just sell the good parts online.  Please comment below if you have any other information to share that would help someone make money off broken appliances.

Lastly, I found the best replacement parts prices at:


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  4. You mentioned selling old appliances for scrap. How would you go about finding companies that buy old appliances when yours doesn't work anymore? I would probably try to repair an appliance first, especially if it wasn't very old, before selling it for scrap. But that's good to know that you can still get some money out of your broken appliances!

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