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Friday, May 27, 2011

Update: Selling Junk Online

I sold my 1st item on last night.  I only made $3.16 selling an NVIDIA GeForce AGP FX5200-DV128 video card, but that was pretty good for a test run.  This Webstore site is similar to ebay, but they don't charge commissions on sales.  That's a big plus for both buyers and sellers.  There are many "free listing" sites, but most sites don't have the customer base to secure much visibility for what you are selling.  I'm excited because Webstore seems to be different.  Ebay is still better, has more items for sale, and more people looking there to buy, but Webstore is gaining ground.  More and more vendors are moving items over to "free listing" sites where they can afford to list items for less since they don't have to share any of the proceeds with the website.

If you are looking to make extra money working from home, or running a full time sales business, your profit margin may stand to gain if you give some of the "free listing" sites like Webstore a try.  You can accept payment via PayPal and Google Checkout as well as direct methods.

Here are a couple more great websites that I've found lately that will help you buy and sell online:

The 1st link above can save you a ton of time when inserting pictures into your ad postings.  You can upload whole folders of pics from your computer and always have your pics "online" when and where you need them.  It's really fast and you don't have to worry about the MB size of the pic when you start the upload.  The site gives you a handy HTML text line that you can copy and paste directly into your online ad listing.  When someone views your ad, they just see the pics.  The site also gives you a link to the entire album, so it's easy to share an unlimited number of pictures with your potential buyer.

The 2nd link above is handy if you are looking for stuff to buy on Craigslist.  When you go to, look for a link on the left of the page that says: "Remotely hosted versionand click it.  Then allow it to install the plugin.  Then, when you view listings on Craigslist, you will automatically see thumbnail pics of items that are for sale under each items title.  It saves you from having to click on a listing to see the pics.  I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but for anyone doing a lot of surfing on Craigslist, the time saved does add up.


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