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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scrap Metal

Prices of scrap metal are higher than ever!  This video is from years ago, and the same load would bring much more cash today.

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Who knew? It takes 145 copper pennies w/ 95% copper content (1982 or earlier) to make a pound of copper.  Copper is the new silver, so save those old pennies.  At $4.34 per pound of copper, old pennies are worth about 3 cents each.  Cashing your old pennies in for their copper value is like a guaranteed 300% investment gain. Here's one guy offering to buy them:
It takes 24 aluminum cans to make a pound.  At $1.20 per pound, they are worth a nickel each ... although, the scrap yard will get most of that, not you.  Still, you can expect at least 2 cents per can for your pocket.

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  1. Please share your scrap metal collecting adventures.